Monday, November 4, 2019

Lessons from the Swimming Pool

Our thoughts can empower or imprison.
They empower when we try something new,
and they imprison when we let them convince us 
to stay comfortable.

Skip Prichard

The Book of Mistakes

This is a lesson from the swimming pool and also works if you have all your clothes on. It could be about trust, determination, building strength, commitment, and reaching your goal. It just depends on you.

Returning to a pool after an absence of several decades involves more than getting a new bathing suit and goggles. It brings up all your memories of being in the water. Especially about being in the deep end.

Courtesy Pixabay - StockSnap

I met a lady last week who entered the pool beside me in the Slow lane. She said that she preferred to stay along the side of the pool because she hadn't been swimming in some time.

After a few lengths, I noticed that she swam about three-quarters of the way towards the deeper end, pulled herself out on to the deck, and then walked back to the shallow end to start again.

After about thirty minutes, we each took a break to catch our breath. 

I know that it looks silly what I do, she said. But I'm not certain that I can make it the full length. I need to have something to grab onto if I have to stop. Then I go back to the safer end and do it again.

She was still in the water when I finished, climbing out each time at the same distance. 

Courtesy Pixabay - fietzfotos

I wonder what was she telling herself each time she climbed out? (Tweet This)

We have all been uncomfortable. It could happen when we walk alone into an event, start a new job, or travel alone for the first time. We are uncomfortable over and over again. As Prichard says in The Book of Mistakes, we are empowered or imprisoned by what we do with those thoughts and feelings. How often do we climb out when we are uncomfortable?

And most importantly, why are we afraid of getting to the other side? (Tweet This)

Now tell me your story of how you went further than you expected.

For you or for someone who is on the learning path:
The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future
Skip Prichard

will help guide you to the other side.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

How Small a Part of Time We Share

How Small a Part of Time We Share

The shadows are getting longer, the heat of the sun is subsiding. Some things are left undone. That's just the way it is.

I talked to someone older and wiser today. She reminded me of some important facts, that we need to remember How Small a Part of Time We Share. She reminded me that we need to use that Time wisely. 

  • We never feel that we get enough time. Whether it's time to sit quietly on our balconies or precious time with each other. Choose carefully. Respect yourself, your moments, your sense of calm. You don't need to like everyone. Or at least, take a 30-day snooze from them. It seems that even facebook allows that.

  • Manage with what you have, mix it up so that it becomes your own. Don't you love my thrift store find of greenery that never needs watering? There's no need to torment yourself. Make it up. Be creative. Enjoy. It's your life.

  • Sometimes the unexpected get along perfectly well together, a frog and a bunny side by side. No one can tell you who will cross your path next. Everyone has something to teach you. Even if it is to teach you to keep your distance.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Accepting the Magic

I wrote quite a brilliant piece in my head as I was walking this morning.

But you know what happened, don't you? The ideas floated in my head for nary a moment or two, before they disappeared altogether.

I became distracted by the workers who had driven their truck onto the walking path as they trimmed the trees. How many more would they cut today?

I walked a little further up the hill to see if I could identify what was being built on the corner. Such an interesting shape, large, one floor with small windows on one side. Two floors, larger windows on the other side. What will it become? 

The brilliant, magical words departed.

Accepting the Magic; Courtesy Pixabay - itspinballtime

The muse vanished.

The thoughts that were meant for me, swirled around like hard to catch autumn leaves, then landed on someone else's doorstep. I'm sure.

The magic that comes to us needs to be captured and clung to, wrung out. It needs to be spoken into our phones, imprinted on our cameras, painted on our canvas, knit into our clothing.

The dreams that arrive, in pale blues and ivory, in stark blacks and reds are ours alone. Why do we ignore them thinking that perhaps they will sit and wait for us to pay attention?

Why do we hide from what brings joy to our life, postpone until our easy and mundane tasks are completed? (Tweet This)

Why do we look with envy (and sometimes scorn) at those who wear ripped jeans with their pearls?
Think that we are too old, fat, curvy, or responsible to just be silly? 
Why don't we go to the park and sit on the grass before it is covered in snow? 
See the pandas before they leave our city to go back home? 
Or rest, be quiet and accept what is searching for us?

Why must we be so sensible?

Accepting the Magic

The ideas that we notice mean something for us. They spark a thought, a dream, a plan. In such a busy world, why did this idea call our attention? (Tweet This)

What is it that we are meant to take as we pass by? (Tweet This)

We'd be foolish to dismiss what we notice too easily. 

Now tell me. How do you find the magic?

If you would like to hold on to your magic, you would enjoy Austin Kleon's book, Steal Like an Artist. It's a winner!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Find Your Heart

It was just a routine check-up, which had me within a week lying in a darkened although white room. As a thankfully healthy individual, I felt awkward as I dressed in paper, was attached to several lines, and then heard my heart!

The swishing and sloshing as it worked, the magnificent reminder that my body is merely a machine. As the cardio tech followed the pattern of my heart, I wondered if she could see what it held.

The swelling of joy it has witnessed.

The fracture of disappointment.

The collapse in fear of the unknown.

The memories of days and weeks it lay abandoned, and yet survived.

The stubbornness of refusal.

The ability to replenish and recreate.

Does your beating heart remember these things?

You've also no doubt heard of how an infant calms down when held close to a familiar heartbeat. Does this scrap of humanity hear the rhythm of continuous love?

The stories you hear of the heart of one which is now housed in another. Can this pumping vessel also bring the recipient an additional gift of musical ability, of mathematical skills, of peace with the world? Does it bring a fragment of its previous owner and meld into something new? Can a heart re-shape your life and give you hope? (Tweet This)

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Moving Pieces

How do you feel when you are starting a new project? You think you have everything in front of you, but often because you are just starting, you are overwhelmed and it feels like it won't work out. You convince yourself to wait. The Moving Pieces are a mystery.

Once we get going, we discover that we don't have the password, or are missing a part (it could even be an ingredient). Sometimes we need a new connecting piece and have to get in the car and head to Staples or Michaels or the hardware store.

The very act of stopping can throw us off-kilter. It's hard to get our momentum back, maybe we'll just do it tomorrow instead, there are more urgent things to get done, maybe we'll just watch one more YouTube to be sure we've got it right. Maybe we'll sit on our sofa and climb under a blanket.

Moving Pieces though belong together. The pieces may lay in our cupboards, our counters our hide-away places. If we're stubborn enough, we can leave them there for years!

But eventually...

We decide to gather all the parts together, we research what needs to be done, we ask our favourite expert (an uncle, google or a book we've hidden away) for help. Rarely does it come together on a first try, and often our efforts need more practise.

These pieces of mine have been floating in my head for a long time. I pretended that the Moving Pieces could lie dormant and maybe I would do different projects entirely. Because this one scared me! (There are so many ways we can fool ourselves.) 

and then I questioned myself.

What a crazy idea.
I'm not creative enough.
I can't do this.
What's a disaster, stupid, ugly.
What if I fail?

But these Moving Pieces intrigued me, they called to me, they wanted to be put together. (Tweet This)

So here they are.

My first attempt at a painting I did some years ago.

and all my Moving Pieces.

Let's see what they can do together!

We all have ideas that we've put aside. Tell me about your experience with Moving Pieces. (Tweet This)