Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Basket of Words to Remember

A basket of words. Of memories. Words I cherish each year and add to with joy.

Each  year I look forward to pulling out this basket.It holds stories of my  life. Words from life-long friendships and those which have ended, words  penned with the truth of the moment.

Hugs and kisses  sent from loved ones from across the country, and hohoho's on postcards  from relatives enjoying the sand and beach instead of snow.

Chapters  of lives, announcements of new babies, graduations, and one year even a  pending divorce (they were never a good match). Crayon-drawn cards and  handmade layered snowflakes. Each one sharing something of themselves,  each one treasured.

With a quickening of my heart, I  see the handwriting of those who are gone. Laugh at their cheerful words  and give thanks that I can still hear their voices as I read. I  remember being loved by old friends who are no longer a part of my life,  and I send them a silent wish for their happiness. Because no matter  what has happened, at one time we journeyed through life together. They  will always be a part of my story.

We all get caught up  in our everyday lives, we think and behave like we have forever. Our  words have so much power, let's not forget to use them properly.

If  you have the chance, send your thoughts to someone in the coming weeks.  Tell them of the ways that they are important to you, how knowing them  has changed your life, how you miss them. Because they too may have a  basket of words to remember.

It could be the most important gift they receive.

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Celebrating the chapters of our lives with words. (Tweet This)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Yoga Saturday

What is Saturday to you? Rolled out my mat this Yoga Saturday, and took away so much more.

A wonderful work-out (work-in?) with Sherry this morning at yoga. Setting the intention, and making my way through each asana, breathing, in, out. The sun sliding across the windows, making each of us blink as we practised our balancing on one foot. The swaying tree.

Coffee at Bumpy's Cafe, sharing a raspberry and chocolate chip scone (because eating a whole one would be just way too much goodness). Enjoying the mild temperature, walking down 10 Ave.

Breathing, in, out. Time to reflect, give thanks, think about the week that's gone by. Quickly, oh so quickly.

What's next? I sit here now and hear the whoosh of tires, the gentle hum of car engines not too far away. There's a peace to them today.

The afternoon shadows are leaning into my office space. Making dark shapes against the walls reminding me of all of us this morning, bending, reaching, forward, backward. Quietly finding our own space this Saturday, balancing today with the days that have passed. Grounding us for the next week.

Breathing, in, out. Waiting for the next moment. No intended outcome. Just open.

Let today fill your soul with the possibility of what is to come. (Tweet This)

May the shadows creep away into the corners, leaving the brightness of your perfect day behind.

When we roll out our yoga mat, we take away so much more. (Tweet This)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thinking Out-of-the-Box

Your tiny school teacher to her dolls could be leading a conglomerate one day, your miniature firefighter could own a bakery that specializes in “all things chocolate”.  As LaRae Quy says in 
this article the skills required to be a creative out-of-the-box thinker are often cultivated as youngsters. 

Little people who are left to explore (and possibly fail), those not continuously rescued, might just have the possibility to expand.

But that is not to say that learning these skills cannot be done as adults. First step – be aware that we are all learning, look for the skills we admire in others and then make every effort to take them on as our own.

We are missing an opportunity if we don’t look around and adopt the best of what we see. Why not learn from someone who's done it already? I know that's how I've done my best learning.

As an only child, I was most often left to my own devices. In those days devices were not connected to wifi (did you see what I did there?), but more likely involved the box the new coffee table came in. The box which I painstakingly made into a doll house. Oh how I loved it. 

I could literally sit IN it for hours. I taped corrugated cardboard to make walls, and used fabric remnants for curtains and carpets. I had very few dolls, but do remember marching them from room to room to do their chores. My, I was bossy.

Thinking Out-of-the-Box
When my friend showed me this picture of her grandson, it made my heart leap with joy! It seems that this little guy was quite happy pretending for hours. He was comfortable on his own. And he showed his family his project with unabashed pride. 

We will not know if many decades from now, he too will remember this house-building adventure as I remember mine. But I suspect that while he was building, he took risks, that he was thinking out-of-the-box, being curious, and observing. 

His pretending will be his biggest asset whether he is a butcher, a baker or candlestick maker.Or maybe he will be a tinker, a tailor, a soldier or spy.  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Letter to My Future Self at 82

Tell me Future Self...

I don’t know if you will be a Dearie or a Hot Mama but I am curious as to what else you know now.
Did you decide to eat chocolate every day, because you are certainly headed that way
Is brandy a regular part of your evening or still used specifically for “medicinal” purposes?
Is red wine enjoyed from Friday to Sunday…only?

Did you ever get to Stonehenge? Run your finger down the ancient stones of century old castles?
Have you ever been in a car stopped by a sheep crossing the road (just like in that movie whatever it’s called)
Did you ever tell someone “You Can’t Be SERIOUS?” because they are just plain stupid?
Do you still enjoy seeing cute young men that walk with an obvious swagger, because life has not disappointed them yet
Have you ever winked at one (or more) or them?
Do overly animated “look-at-me” people still make you bonkers?
Or have you grown more still, but say “idiot” in your mind
Or are you just too deaf to hear them?
Does the sweetness of a sunrise, make you think of heaven, whatever that might be to you
And the fresh smell of a baby make you close your eyes with wonder
Do you still love to read, do you have a waitlist at the library
Do you discard and return the book someone recommended because it is just trash in your eyes
Oh, please tell me that you are no longer THAT polite to struggle through

I don't have to be what you want me to be. 
I'm free to be who I want. 
Muhammad Ali

Ah, thank you for this time together my 20 years down the road self
I hear your voice telling me, poking me, to be More
I’ve decided, you are definitely a hot mama.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Winter Onset

Last week in my home town it was 25°C, in the last few days it has plummeted to -11°C. Our weather can be a wonderful surprise in the northern hemisphere, even though we do anticipate winter arriving. You might have read my summer post about heat just a few months ago.

Winter Onset
a few thoughts on Winter's arrival...

The onset of winter makes me want to pull out my crock-pot. To simmer and stir and let the aroma of stew fill the air.
It beckons me towards the fireplace, stretching my legs towards the coffee table, wrapped in a blanket and glancing out the windows.
I feel the stirrings of creativity, of unfolding my copy of Bella Grace and settling in with a brandy.
Of unpacking the bags of buttons, and chains, embellishments and silk ribbon
And creating something from nothing.

I want to cocoon and write, I’d paint if I could
As I watch the snow drift into the corners between the buildings
Or watching it swirl in the halos of the street lights.

I hear the swish of tires against the wet roads, and try to judge if they are going uphill or downhill and how fast
Because that will tell me if the traffic is slowing down or if it is getting icy as the temperature drops.

I want to catch up with old shows I’ve recorded and discard some others I was using to fill in the lazy summer gaps
I need to slow down to appreciate the warmth of the indoors and that I have red boots that disguise the cold outside
To wear layers, pull on a hat, add a scarf that matches and watch my breath in misty clouds as it disappears into nothing

I sit and...

Watch as each house lights up its windows as the skies darken
And others gather around the hearth of their own making