Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two or Three Words Which Would Have Changed Your Life

As we grow up/older, we begin to recognize those turns in the road where our Life could have been changed. If we shine the spotlight on those times, we sometimes see Two or Three Words flashing like neon signs. Because it is usually only in hindsight that those words have meaning.

Do you have a favourite Auntie who said Don’t Quit or Wake Up (as in, It’s Time for School or Pay Attention)? A friend who shook their head at your choice in boyfriends or girlfriends and shouted a warning that said Liars Lie or Using You! or She is CRAZY.

Courtesy of Pixabay - ASSY

A recent Facebook post asked, which two or three words would you tell your younger self? Hmm, Two or Three Words? Could a Life truly be changed with just that? How often would we have to hear them before we would listen? 

The comments to this post had a lot of Stay Single, which is kind of scary when you think how many people said it. There was also Stay in School, Respect Yourself, Trust Your Intuition and many more gems.

Such little words, with enough power to change your Life. So I ask you, to take a moment now. Scribble or close your eyes and turn the light onto the rooms of your life. 

Two or Three Simple Words are probably all we really needed. 

Mixed in with the Two or Three Words that were offered, I read this comment that would have changed someone's Life.  "When the cute guy in the red Camaro stops to say for the hills". 

Now that, says it all.

Would love to hear your Two or Three Words, leave a comment for all of us to think about.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sugar Blues – 6 things that made me cranky this week

*Alert* this post is not about mindfulness, it is about bitter cold in the Northern Hemisphere, returning to a  work schedule and running out of my daughter’s Christmas “Crack-le.”

This is a Sugar Blues Rant...some might say, of epic proportion. (Don't say that I didn't warn you!)

It’s January. I’m sure you’ll agree, we’re still craving the sweet stuff and the hidden away treats are quickly diminishing. This is truly bad news. That’s the excuse I’m using for what follows. (I’ll return to the usual, I promise.)

If you’re anything like me, you’re back at work, and though you thought you could not eat one, more, shortbread cookie, nanaimo bar, or piece of fudge. YOU WERE WRONG. It’s the middle of the afternoon and all you want is a treat, followed by a nap.

People tell me that this week was tough, we all agree that we need vegetables and “real” food not those delicious jalapeno jumpers that come out of a box and are ready in 12 minutes. We need our bills to magically arrive stamped PAID. Our weight scales to do a throw-back to a Thursday… one month ago.

For now, I’m letting these things go. But pay attention, will you, so that next year I don’t suffer so much. (Because we all know, that when we are cranky, it is only about ME.)

  •  Look around when you speak, which does mean, sometimes a person needs to pause. As much as you want to interrupt someone, make sure it’s worth their time to stop what they’re doing.
  •  If you think the joke you’re sharing is funny and the first five people don’t get it. Stop. Reconsider. Before telling poor soul #6 
  •  Why am I always the last one out the door. And why has someone moved my keys? Again?   Do I have too much on my plate or am I just annoying?
  •  The merge lane is for merging. Aargh! I shouldn’t need to say more.
  •  Many rules are stupid, but many rules are necessary for those who are indeed stupid. Icy intersections are not for reaching into the back seat.
  •  I do not have time to read the list of 85 books that will change my life this year. Please stop sending me your emails.

Okay, I’m done. Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline will have to do.

I will  give up, slow down on the sweets starting now, but I can assure you that I’m still having a glass of wine tonight.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

What's Your Playground?

What are we to learn from this one life we're given? Are we supposed to gain some level of understanding of ourselves and those around us? Maybe especially those different from us? And are they the ones to teach us best?

What's Your Playground? Courtesy Pixabay - laterjay

Now here's my theory, we choose our tools, our playground, we choose how we want to get the lesson (or of course, we learn it quickly and move on). Maybe that is why we can see each other's faults and weaknesses so easily but just can't recognize our own.

My partner and I just saw MAMIL, that's Middle Aged Men in Lycra, caused a smile right? What did you just see when you read that, bald maybe overweight men stretched out in bright coloured tights? Cute, right?

In this documentary you will see determination and struggle in the mental and physical, growing resilient to mental illness and serious medical conditions. You will see comforting, supportive spouses and the call-out to "hey, how much are you spending on that new bike?"

You will see the adventure of trying something new, of camaraderie, of gaining support in the unexpected. Of having fun.

In our everyday life, we are surrounded by those different from ourselves. In the way they see life (a joy or a struggle), they way they approach finances, the manner they spend their free time, the way they treat their bodies.

They have each chosen a playground to learn in, a school, a career, travel, a marriage (happy or otherwise), a visible spotlight or behind the scenes role. Regardless of scene, everyone will face a win, loss, adversity, surprise, joy, loneliness, euphoria, fear, contentment, trust, betrayal...

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year New Word - Open

After spending last year with Simplify, I'm ready to begin anew with Open.

What will this OneWord365 show me? A person might think, what more could you learn when you're my age? Ah, let me tell you a little secret. It is in the learning that a person stays youthful!

The adoption of a Word, rather than a fistful of resolutions (not saying that I don't do this too) over the last few years, has given me true meaning to pause. I feel that I will "hear" my Word Open, often enough during the coming days.

In the more common, Open this door (not the other).

Open this door (not the other). (Tweet This)

New Year New Word - Open

But also in Open your mind, Open your heart, be more Open to different choices, become Open to the power of the Universe.

I am incredibly aware that this Open will also mean closing the door to some of my choices and previous behaviours. So this word also carries some trepidation, what will I be "encouraged" to give up, to stop doing? Stop wasting?

Yes, I am Open to some new goals. I'm hoping that by setting this word, that (continued) abundance will flow to me, good health, opportunities, a tribe of like-minded, an outlet for talents.

I welcome you to join the adventure of choosing a Word for this new year. What will you choose?

Then send me a message now and then and tell me how it manifests in the next 365.

A new year, a new Word? What's yours? What's Coming? (Tweet This)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Holiday Reading - Most Loved Blog Posts for 2017

My seven most loved blog posts are here for your holiday reading. Each one sharing a little bit of my life, of my year of Simplify and hopefully touching you in some way.

Thank you for your comments over the year, I am so glad to know that my words reached you wherever you are in the world. I hope that you feel more inspired, have had a chuckle or two, and feel less alone knowing that we are all connected.

Let's not hesitate to reflect on and to celebrate the journey we've travelled. (Tweet This)

If you just recently happened to find this post, I welcome you to join this tribe of folks who continue to search and share the Everyday moments that can give us the most profound lessons. Let us continue to grow together!

Wanting it All

...I needed to recognize that there are a number of ways to get Freedom and it doesn't necessarily need to be about Wanting it All, it just needs to be what each of us want our lives to look like.

(read full post)

Overindulgence – do you or don’t  you speak up? 

We are usually governed by politeness and not stepping on toes with our opinions or worries. But is there a point when we are compelled to speak up?

(read full post)

 Don't Lose the Spell 

You don't often get to eavesdrop on a conversation when you're out on the running path. The timing has to be perfect, the wind quiet, and no other distractions taking place.

Last Sunday, I heard a fellow say "I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did." (read full post)

Karaoke Tourist

She was an accomplished singer, in a church group. She played the piano with skill and feeling. But what she wanted to do is sing Karaoke. Something different. An Elvis fan, that's whose song she'd choose.

She just didn't know when or where. Surely not with her prim choir friends. Certainly not where if she was terrible, she'd have to wear her humiliation. (read full post)