Sunday, August 13, 2017

Finding the Gem in a Shop

Let's face it, our well-being is more than meditating and being in the moment as I often write about.

Our well-being hinges on the choices we make that help us smile, relax and take the time to do things that just give us that feel-good feeling! Sometimes, it's simply about finding a little shopping experience gem tucked away in your neck of the woods. You know what I mean ladies. (Fellows, I suggest you substitute automotive, hardware, sports equipment thoughts at any point you might feel uncomfortable.)*

I believe that we need to grab the moment to treat ourself well. I believe that if you can combine that feeling with supporting a local business that offers you a quality experience, where you are surrounded by beautiful, tasteful items then you just have to go for it!

Well-being comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Such a little wonder is a shop named ARMADIO - by Delia in my home town. You probably have a similar little delight close to you but I have ARMADIO! "Collaborative Consignment" their sign says.

Take the moment to make a conscious choice about your well-being.

Entering a shop like this which promotes other local businesses and is pretty in-a-funky kind of way, which offers you fashionable consigned items at affordable prices and has excellent customer service is a drawing card for the best of us.

I believe in the philosophy of collaboration - and that passing on your prized clothing is a gift, doing so supports our clean environment, gives your pocket book a happy dance, and allows you exposure to some up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Everyone wins!

A person could dawdle at ARMADIO - by Delia, and I guarantee that walking in will slow down your frenetic pace and encourage you to BE in the moment, another bonus.

If you have the good fortune of having access to this shop, don't postpone getting there! We all need be to pampered and appreciated, you can use your well-being as the reason. (I have officially given you approval!) And when you are there, pick up one of their business cards, they are so delicious to look at, that they belong in a candy dish.

Wherever you live in the world, spend some time to find out what you need to boost your well-being. You might find yourself in a place that feels like Home.

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*Just a way of speaking, kindly ignore any gender connotations.

This post is NOT sponsored in any way, just wanted to share the love of a new discovery.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wanting it All

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. This was not a phrase heard by many of my generation. We believed at that time in security, in company loyalty, in pensions!

The folks who chose to start their own businesses were rare, back then most people still believed in the white picket fence and marriages that lasted forever. Most did not think of Wanting it All which is far more common now.

Wanting it All, Saskatoon Berry Farm AB.

Freedom that is. Freedom and Security. The security of knowing that whether you are at your desk or vacationing at a quiet lake spot, that the money was rolling in. In Dorie Clark's Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive I read about some individuals who recognized that what they wanted was not to carry around the egg basket. They wanted to choose how their lives should look not told how it should be.

This book reached me through NetGalley, I wasn't prepared for the number of zeros that the case study participants requested and earned. This was out of my realm. All I was looking for were some ideas for regular people (like me) to have a few more deposits into the checking account than withdrawals.

I was becoming intimidated through the chapters of hearing of six or seven figure incomes. I read about selling your system, connecting with influencers, podcasts, and email subscription lists in the thousands. But what this want-to-be entrepreneur needed didn't come until Chapter 12. I needed encouragement to discover the type of entrepreneur I wanted to be.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We'll Never Be on One of Those House Hunting Shows

We'll never be on one of those house hunting shows. We are just too boring.

We don't fight. We agree about most things. We certainly wouldn't go on a show to then discover that one of us liked colonial and the other prefers shaker.

We don't expect to find our Dream Home, because as we know, Life Happens and you just have to deal with it. The years have told us to enjoy what we have because there is absolutely no sense in seeking perfection.

Courtesy Pixabay - Efraimstochter

We don't need a dining table that can hold fourteen because it's hard enough with our family to get even two of the children over at a time, never mind four. None of them have a Dream Home either by the way.

We know what we want, and if need be, we will wait for it. Our budget is not elasticized. We value comfortabe furniture  and experiences, pretty simple right? Maybe we are just of a generation that is used to waiting for things.

Oh and we don't have meltdowns due to disappointment. No, we will never be on a house hunting show, we are just not that entertaining.

Although we watch, we talk a lot to the participants! "Are you really surprised that what you want costs more than you're willing to spend?" "Being within walking distance to  the fancy coffee and dinner spots is bound to have a hefty price attached to it." "Yes, sometimes there's mildew and an unexpected bat that flies out of the attic." 

Why are so many people looking for their Dream Home?

Perhaps we already have it. Maybe instead of house hunting, we need to devote more time to understanding each other, to expect less, to enjoy our time together more. When the family comes over, it doesn't matter if someone eat at the breakfast bar or from their lap!

The Joneses are not your friend, you don't need to impress them, they don't care.

Whatever we decide to do, let's do it for ourself. If you're anything like us, maybe all you need is a cozy place to share a conversation, look out a window at the magical world, dream, make believe, work hard, pray if you are so inclined. We can do these invaluable things anywhere!

We are all connected, let's learn from those who have so much although they appear to own so little. Because until we find what makes our life meaningful from the inside there really is no point in looking for a new house.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

in the Middle of Vacation - I've thrown out my list

Like most of us, I looked forward to having a break from my full-time role in the weeks leading up to it. I made plans.

I was armed with a long list of things I planned to accomplish, the people I wanted to see, creative tasks that sat on the back-burner while working and goals for my long free, I'm-so-spoiled days.

I'm not sure how you handle the carefree days of summer but I am surprised (why would I be?) how quickly the time goes by. My list of things to do still sits with very little crossed off and oh my goodness there are only a three weeks left. (Yes, I did say that I was spoiled.) I have had many laughs and coffees with my catch-up-with friends. How do you estimate the value of that?

An extra yoga class each week has been squeezed in to the day time hours, instead of racing racing racing to an evening class. Walking in the morning, smelling my neighbours cooking their bacon and puttering in their gardens has set my senses tingling.

Boho Jewelry ValueVillageDIY
A few trinkets have emerged, created while sitting in the dining room a glass of wine by my side, watching some "girlie" Fashion Friday show (recorded earlier that day). A few trips to Value Village to secure some discarded jewelry pieces that could be re-born, not quite on my list but fun nevertheless.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kindness Needed at Till #1

A simple task, go to the store, pick up a few things, go home. But as you know the Universe has a way of stepping in. Showing you, reminding you and giving you a chance to test out your skills.

When this post from Mindful Magazine hit my email this morning, 5 Ways to Develop Kindness and Generosity, I didn't realize how quickly I'd have a chance to use it.

What I am writing here is a little window into my day, you are able to take it any way you like (as we always do!) or you may see it as a quasi rant. It's up to you.

This went smoothly, I thought to myself as I headed to the check out. I looked around, my first time in this particular store, I gazed upwards at all the colorful hanging signs swaying with the breeze of the air conditioning. As I stepped forward to the available sales assistant, I heard a loud voice  "and then she just budges into line" said in an unfriendly tone, directed to me.

Kindness Needed at Till #1

Oh, I responded facing the mother with her two small boys. I didn't realize there was just one line. She shook her head at me. You knew exactly what you were doing, she retorted. I apologized again but she would have no part of it.

I am not one to react easily and knew that in that moment I had a choice.

Breathe. Give kindness.

She wouldn't let it go. She tisked at me as she stepped towards the baffled sales person. When she was finished, she did a dramatic hand gesture indicating that NOW it was my turn. She continued to mumble.

In the quietest voice I could muster, because I too have been a frazzled mother running errands on a hot day, I said to her your children are watching your behaviour. And they see your's too, she shot back.

I made a mistake, I said to her.She stopped.

Use this opportunity, I said to her, to teach your youngsters that everyone makes mistakes.

It is good to have weathered a few storms. It has been many years since I carted around two small, unhappy, sticky children. As time goes by it is easier to Breathe into the moment when needed. Trust me on this.

Now tell me, how did you understand this interaction? Have you had a similar experience? How did you handle it?

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Use this opportunity to teach your youngsters that everyone makes mistakes.
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