Sunday, September 17, 2017

HaHa from the Universe

HaHa from the Universe

The Universe can be a master comic with the tricks it can play on us.

I know that you will understand the days or weeks of busy-ness that can engulf us all. Getting back in to the Fall routine, tires which need replacing, appointments that run late, construction that slows down the drive to work.

We all have our “ohmygoodness” moments when we wonder how we are going to make it until Friday.

When I put my name on the waitlist for this book at my local library, I was number 324, it was January 2017. So when I was advised that I was next in line, you would think that a person would be happy, right? Except the Universe always knows more than we do. Believe me! (And feel free to send me your stories of when the Universe chuckled at you.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Finding your Integrity Advantage

Some years ago I facilitated a group of people who were facing their impending divorce. Most had been battered through the results of living in an environment that did little or nothing to uphold who they were inside. They had lost themselves through the continuous assault of catering to someone else's wishes.

Surround yourself with integrity-minded 
“they are your champions and recognize that you being in your integrity 
is not only in your highest good, but will benefit the world as well 
because they know that you (and they) 
are here for something much bigger than yourself".  
Kelley Kosow

One day I took them through an exercise of recognizing their worth. It went like this.

Think of someone you treasure.
On this slip of paper, write down how much this person means to you and something you love about them.
Picture them in their happiest moments, doing something they love to do.
Now tell them why they are so special to you.

No one had trouble writing. They smiled, they scribbled, they asked for more paper.

And then I asked them to Be Still. And to read that same message to themselves.

Silence. Shock. Struggle. Tears.

Why is it that we can so easily recognize how someone else shines in their life? How we can value their strengths, their humour, their "specialness"? But doing that for ourselves does not come easily?

I have just finished reading The Integrity Advantage: Step into Your Truth, Love Your Life, and Claim Your Magnificence. This book tells us a whole lot of what we already know, but don't choose to do.

It asks us to examine our habits, our thoughts, the stories about our past and to think about the language we use in each moment. It asks us to be open to the Universe.

So I ask you this, be bold and look beyond your fear. Take a step today to being the magnificent person that you are. Don't do a "should". Create consciously. You are not a victim.
If you are ready to find You, this book could change your life.

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The Integrity Advantage
Kelley Kosow

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Don't Lose the Spell

You don't often get to eavesdrop on a conversation when you're out on the running path. The timing has to be perfect, the wind quiet, and no other distractions taking place.

Last Sunday, I heard a fellow say "I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did." I have no context as to what he was talking about but it did get me thinking about our adult lives. How often are we truly delighted? How often do we surprise ourselves with our reaction? How often do we try new things?

A colleague of mine stopped by my space one day, her eyes were shining, her grin contagious. She had just completed a workshop which got her creative juices flowing. She was excited to put what she'd learned into practice. She was like a child! Unabashed in her joy. She en-joy-ed her experience.

I've got to go get creative, she said, before I lose the Spell. I too was drawn up in her excitement, her Spell rubbed off.

The Spell. Because that is exactly how we feel when we are high on life. When something unexpected surprises us, shocks our senses, engages us, compels us.

It is just like when we were children. The world is so full of things we don't know (yet), we are delighted constantly. (Not surprising why children love to postpone their bedtime.)

In this busy time of year, getting ourselves back to a regular routine, packing children off to their new schools, we need to remember Don't Lose the Spell. We need to keep our awareness on what excites us, hold onto happy summer memories, and look for our next delight.

Don't Lose the Spell

This gal got to be a Falconer on a recent trip to Ireland. That is a look of delight on her face. I know, I've seen it all her life! She is an expert of holding onto the Spell.

It is the joy of Being in the Moment. Look for it in your own life and hang on to it with both hands. It will carry you through the ho-hum days of a regular routine because you know that it exists.

I've thought about the runner I heard on the path over the last week. I've hoped that he too has returned to the joy that he unexpectedly experienced. I'm also certain that his joy has rubbed off on someone else.

Because that's how the Spell works.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Balanced Life - Carrots and "Potatoes"

Balanced Life - Carrots and "Potatoes"

Don't you just love the stories we tell ourselves? We can use warped logic, but what we tell ourselves is basically true, right? We can convince ourselves of just about anything if we really try.

We can say that we're ready for a break from a relationship or our workplace but not really know what we're looking for. What do we need to do to keep ourselves healthy standing in the middle of that teeter-totter? More meditation? More exercise? More doing-nothing time?

So when it comes to Balance, it's tough to sometimes recognize what to do more of and what to do less. Finding Balance can be demanding!

Take vacation time for one. You might know that I've recently finished my time off from my regular full-time role, and balancing the time of relaxation and accomplishing, certainly put me on that teeter-totter. Do I use this free time to move ahead with writing goals, learning more about the hundreds of options in social media, or do I just "chill"?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Finding the Gem in a Shop

Let's face it, our well-being is more than meditating and being in the moment as I often write about.

Our well-being hinges on the choices we make that help us smile, relax and take the time to do things that just give us that feel-good feeling! Sometimes, it's simply about finding a little shopping experience gem tucked away in your neck of the woods. You know what I mean ladies. (Fellows, I suggest you substitute automotive, hardware, sports equipment thoughts at any point you might feel uncomfortable.)*

I believe that we need to grab the moment to treat ourself well. I believe that if you can combine that feeling with supporting a local business that offers you a quality experience, where you are surrounded by beautiful, tasteful items then you just have to go for it!

Well-being comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Such a little wonder is a shop named ARMADIO - by Delia in my home town. You probably have a similar little delight close to you but I have ARMADIO! "Collaborative Consignment" their sign says.

Take the moment to make a conscious choice about your well-being.

Entering a shop like this which promotes other local businesses and is pretty in-a-funky kind of way, which offers you fashionable consigned items at affordable prices and has excellent customer service is a drawing card for the best of us.

I believe in the philosophy of collaboration - and that passing on your prized clothing is a gift, doing so supports our clean environment, gives your pocket book a happy dance, and allows you exposure to some up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Everyone wins!

A person could dawdle at ARMADIO - by Delia, and I guarantee that walking in will slow down your frenetic pace and encourage you to BE in the moment, another bonus.

If you have the good fortune of having access to this shop, don't postpone getting there! We all need be to pampered and appreciated, you can use your well-being as the reason. (I have officially given you approval!) And when you are there, pick up one of their business cards, they are so delicious to look at, that they belong in a candy dish.

Wherever you live in the world, spend some time to find out what you need to boost your well-being. You might find yourself in a place that feels like Home.

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*Just a way of speaking, kindly ignore any gender connotations.

This post is NOT sponsored in any way, just wanted to share the love of a new discovery.