Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guided to Cross

My friend M. and I met the day her family moved into our neighbourhood. Over the following 22 years, we have often reminisced about our meeting. Me, mom to 2 small children, shy and not commonly taken to walking over to a stranger with an out-stretched hand. M, with 2 smaller children, an army brat quite used to packing up and going but still surprised at the behaviour of a stranger, me! From that day onwards, I have truly believed that I was guided to make a connection that has proven to be invaluable over the life of our friendship. We walk, we talk, we eat, we wine, and we grow.

We don’t see each other often, sometimes it seems like months go by without contact and then it is like a simultaneous drawing together (you know, the “hey! I been thinking of you, so glad you called” conversations we have with our favourite people). Some friendships were meant to be, and I give thanks for having the awareness that day so long ago when I crossed the street because... I HAD to, I didn’t know why but I knew that it had to happen. That day, the earth shifted to bring me a friend.

M. brings many things to my life; laughter, deep thought, someone who has seen me at my best and certainly at my worst, who supports, and who speaks the truth.

I share below, one of her gifts to the world. This urban oasis can only be created by a human being with a good soul.

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