Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crackers - Crack-pot, Crack, Crack up

We are all somewhat cracked. Whether due to casual mishandling or by brutal force. Some cracks barely noticeable, some spackled over with heavy duty band-aids. We suture with work, working-out, drown our sorrows, use crack, and add initials after our names on our business cards.

We race, we weave, we meet in staff rooms, we like each other, we can't tolerate each other, we try to be polite. We pretend, we deny, we shop only at Sunterra, we avoid big green boxes with massive parking lots.

Who the heck are we?

If we are fortunate, we have friends, and we recognize each other's cracks. Friends overlook, they share remedies, they hand you a safe band-aid when you need it. Because our cracks makes us real. As we grow, our fragility makes us gentle and aware of others.

And by the time Friday arrives, many crack-pots have crossed our path. Finally, you can eat pizza, watch a movie and crack up...together. I am grateful for TAG Meetings. Thank you T. & A. for your time, your consistency and for knowing my flaws and loving me anyway.

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