Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crossroads and 4-way Intersections

We all come to these spots in time, whether it involves decision making on paint-chips or on deeper life values. My changed route to a new work location makes its way through a few 4-ways and round-abouts. I watch as each car approaches and how we each choose to navigate these slow downs.

There are certainly many who have no clue about the rules! "Do you see me?" I want to yell out my window, will you outrun me to the finish line or will we meet again at the next 4-way stop.I am well-aware that there's a difference between being rash and in taking advantage of our momentum. We all need to know OUR rule to fine tune our pathway in life through the seeming curves in the road.

You are there and I am here. How are we both going to get across safely?

We each have our own "default". My experience says that sometimes this built-in compass is exactly what needs to be tweaked so we don't go astray. We are all either too kind, too grumpy, too forgiving, expect too much or not enough, depending on our needs in that moment.Recognizing when we need to adjust could save our life.

And whether we were raised in Saskatchewan and have flat, wide spaces wired into our DNA, the shadow of a tall mountain might still prove to be inspiring.

Whatever your default, let's all learn to "think beyond", for beyond the rule of the 4-way stop or the round-about, despite our rush or hesitation, we all want to get there, safely and holding the hand of someone we love.

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