Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disappoint - they will survive

 Making time for yourself in this bustling, noisy world we live in can be challenging. How do we find and commit to "me" time?  Let's face it, we are on/in demand to every family member and 4-legged beast that lives under our roof. We are connected by blood, love, and wireless-ly, there is scarcely a moment of solitude. 

I know of people who set their alarm clocks earlier  in order to get some quiet time, to read, run, swim, write or meditate. Many folks are then catching a shut-eye in their cars over the lunch hour or on the train home at the end of the day. 

We have been raised to be polite and respectful of others and feel horribly guilty to put ourselves first. Why is it easier to disappoint Me rather than You? Honouring yourself takes time and dedication. If we can't find the time and reason to celebrate who we are, why should anyone else? (Click to Tweet)

See Cheryl Richardson's video and article on Let Me Disappoint You.


  1. So true! I enjoyed reading your post and then watching Cheryl Richardson's video. I just saw her speak at a conference in Vancouver. She is amazing. A great post that I'm sure many can relate to.

    Shawna Lisa McMurran

  2. Interesting perspective and so true that too often we put others needs ahead of our own.

  3. Great post and so true! We do not respect ourself if we do not honour ourselves first.