Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A little town called Lillooet

You never quite know what you will find while you are travelling on holidays. In Lillooet, we were met by two young women in the Visitor Centre who didn't seem to have too much traffic that day, they were delighted to see us!

I am always curious as you pass the small towns along the highway. What made people stop here? Were they pulling their wagons and just couldn't go up one more mountain? Did they run out of food? Did the "little lady" just say no more?

Did you know that in the late 50s and early 60s, that "Lillooet shipped more nephrite jade worldwide than any other place on earth"?

"Lillooet was the location of an internment camp for Japanese-Canadians during the Second World War and many chose to stay on. One of them was Dr. Masajiro Miyazaki, who served the region as its sole doctor for many years and later became the first Japanese-Canadian to hold public office in Canada when he was elected to alderman in 1950. Dr. Miyazaki was awarded the Order of Canada in 1977 and his home is now a community landmark." The Miyazaki Heritage House offers a Summer Concert Series from July 6 - Aug 31st.

Dr. Miyazaki was interned, and still he gave back. Let's keep that in mind when things are not going our way and we'd rather throw up our hands in despair.

We got back in the car in the falling rain, and found refuge at Mount Currie Coffee Company in Pemberton. The coffee was wonderful, and I held strong to my resistance to the strawberry cheesecake coffeecake.

Now here are two words I have never put together before, Yoga and Horses.

One of many ads on the bulletin board at Mount Currie Coffee Company.

For more on Dr. Miyazaki and Lillooet
Lillooet is also home to Fort Berens Estate Winery Ltd.
Quotes from: "2012 Lillooet's Official Visitor Guide":

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