Friday, July 27, 2012


I'd heard a lot about Whistler, but had never experienced it before. After a drive of winding seclusion amidst tall, tall greenery and awe-inspiring scenery (with the exception of a determined bicyclist or two), Whistler does indeed wake you up!

I've got my bike, where's the mountain?

The morning mist cleared eventually, and most folks abandoned their outerwear in sheer defiance of the overhanging clouds.

Crowds and general mood grew inflated as the afternoon wore on. Funny how a little sunshine drastically improves disposition. (and the sale of ice cream)

I can only imagine what the energy level was like during the Winter Olympics. The ability to connect with the like-minded must surely have been hypnotic.

The most rewarding part was being witness to the families and friends sharing their time together. It is a relaxing period that no doubt required the strategy of a Planner. The endless details of flight/drive time coordinates, the meeting places, the gathering and researching of potential adventures to share takes the fortitude of a commander. Take a bow if you are the Planner or please give thanks to the person who keeps you organized!

Olympics Memories, Whistler BC

Now I'm hungry, where's my family?

She moved that fast! Moguls in the Whistler Village.

There's no place like local to explore the perfect coffee. The line-ups were long and worthwhile, the staff friendly although a little sleepy at times!

Moguls Coffee House was a great place to enjoy your coffee, and pick up a sausage roll or samosa for your hotel room snack. I encourage you to try their offerings if you have a chance.


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