Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Balloon with no String

Once again this morning, I was waiting at the stop light (my usual spot for spying on Slow Man Walking). Stopped in the car behind me, sat a little girl in her car seat. She looked around attentively, her short dreadlocks swinging in every direction. Little colourful barrettes waved like mini flags each time she turned.

She was oblivious to the delay at the light. As a motorist with a destination in mind each morning, the wait from red to green seems endless.

The little flying barrettes however, made me smile. Little girl clapped her hands at the scrap of paper tossed about by the wind. She followed its dance down the street. She laughed and clapped. She swung her head as a hot air balloon floated closer to us. She looked puzzled then she laughed and clapped some more. A balloon with no string!

When was the last time I was so filled with glee? When were you?

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