Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hwy 8 to where?

There's a lot of construction taking place on one of the routes I take to work. 

It makes me think of how we construct our lives until our path seems to be neatly arranged each day. Then you become aware that a change is coming. You see the signs accumulating on the side of the road; you see the evidence that a change is needed. You start getting ready, you dig deep trenches alongside and prepare and you wait. Then one day all the pieces are in place and the momentum cannot be contained.

 The construction crew started accumulating in the last few weeks, huge pieces of machinery whose names I don't know started appearing and the evidence of change grew. There were new dirt roadways appearing each day, “right lane closed”, and more and more people on the sides holding signs that say "SLOW", "CAUTION", and then the official speed limit dropped to 50kmh from the former 80kmh. Change takes time and patience. 

Coming home today, a person had to look for the narrow safety lanes on each side, they had literally disappeared since my morning commute! Haven’t we all felt that way during a momentous change? You are forced to go slow, because you can’t see a safety net. But just like Life, there are those along our sidelines wearing hard hats and  safety vests to warn us of danger.

The drive home was slow. Cars in both directions crawled down that long, straight road for miles. We went so slow that we could actually see into the cars going in the opposite direction. Spying into oncoming traffic can be very entertaining! 

What I saw gave me some insight to my fellow traveler: 
The bored man, yawning his way home. 
The Mom chatting with the teenager sitting beside her. 
The lady singing alone in her van.
The handsome smiling couple, with hair flying in their convertible. 
A teenager munching on a sandwich. 
An angry face, shouting into their cell phone. 

Each one dealing in their own way with the slowdown of a change that was anticipated but not really expected today

When that change happens in your life, do you yawn, chat, sing, smile, eat or shout? What do you do when the trenches alongside your path are deep and the roadway to change is not yet complete? 

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