Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Magnificent Vs in five days

OK, I admit it. I love big cities! My brief stop in Vancouver, BC gave me everything I needed in a few short hours. Good food, great views, excellent shopping choices and fabulous people watching.

View from the 28th

The best photo I missed (because I was deeply enamored with my Spanish Latte at Caffe Artigiano's): elderly man crossing busy street with his walker...holding up a fire-truck! Irony at its best.

Morning sunshine


What I wish I hadn't been witnessed to: 55 year+ man with "significantly" younger woman, canoodling in the waiting line, and for the duration of their dinner. Facing me, giving me very mixed emotions and a wonderfully colourful story in my head!

Windy Ferry Ride

 Victoria was awesome! A chance to unwind, walk and photograph, smile at strangers from all over the world and eat (but more on that later). We never quite realize how fatigued we are in our everyday lives until we get away. Then, the who we are has the chance to get out and play. Remove the cell phone, the work timetable, and the calorie counter and be a child with the entire, endless day ahead of you.

Empress Hotel, Victoria on left

St. Ann's Academy, Victoria

We took the Haunted Tour one early evening as dusk set. They say that Victoria is the most haunted city in Canada, surrounded by water helps it seems.
Take a close look at the windows, maybe you will see someone.

Busker Week, loads of sidewalk entertainment
Playing like a child should be done more often! We need to dedicate the time to stop our work and slow down to see what is going on around us. I have been given the gift of a holiday away from home after many years of not straying far due to many reasons.

Seeing a new location is invigorating and has re-energized me to get back to my daily world. If you can today, dangle your feet in some water, pick up the book that you have neglected, bake some cookies, head to a library, do something just for YOU. It will do your soul good.

More about the sights we saw and the food we tasted next time...        

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