Monday, September 3, 2012

Butterfly Crossing

Yellow and white butterflies wove and fluttered amongst the flowers left at the end of the alley. Bunches of flowers, left there over the last week to pay tribute to the loss of a young life.

I didn’t plan to pass this way on my walk today. I am not an ambulance chaser and don’t slow down to gaze at highway accidents. But I am a Mom.

The tragedy of a longboarder in a neighbouring community has drawn much attention as the opening of schools is upon us. As I neared the impromptu altar, strewn with notes in childish handwriting, of teddy bears, and shared mementos, cars pulled up endlessly. Parents hugging their child, grieving together and wiping tears.

I cross an intersection shortly after and see the butterflies still dancing uninterrupted. Although I am always cautious crossing, I realize today in the moment as my foot leaves the curb how one misstep can affect so many lives.

As my walk comes to an end I am crossing another busy intersection. I am saddened as I see a couple pushing a toddler in a stroller cross against the walk sign, it is clearly flashing “don’t”. They have not seen the butterflies, and they have grown impatient waiting.

Are they not aware that with the loss of a child, you are waiting forever?

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