Sunday, September 30, 2012

Melissa's Half Marathon, Banff

Getting ready by getting there

Life is full of them.

There are no shortage of races to be run. Last week Melissa's in Banff, this week the Harvest Half in south Calgary. Regardless of whether we are donning our runners to partake, setting a goal to achieve is the same for all of us.

Visualizing the Finish
You train, even when you don't want to and you Visualize your Finish. There are always those who seem to get to their goal, faster and easier than we do but we have to remember that we each have our own race.

Colourful People
Colourful Shoes

Along the way, you will meet the most interesting people, each doing what they have to do to stay in their race. They put in the hours in order to move ahead.

Encouragement from high places
You will get encouragement, and you will check your watch to see how you're doing. We must remember that we all start at different places, have different reasons for our goal, and keep a different pace from our companions. Injury and set-backs are part of it and know that there are not always medals to give us recognition.


So whatever race you are facing in this moment, whether it is emotional, financial, marital or health related, let us all be aware. Each race is won by taking one step at a time.

and Endings, (yes it is real!)
Oblivious to winning, snuggled up against a quiet shadow away from the heat of the race, lies a true winner.

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