Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arrival of Winter

This past Saturday, I stood in line outside at 7:45am to wait for Kal-Tire to open to get my tires “swapped”. This is a common practice for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, where ice can be “black” and send you shimmying across the painted lines.

(Note to all: Saturday mornings are better served waking slowly and cherishing your first cup of coffee.) I am fortunate however, as I had G’s hand to hold while we waited. Then, Winter arrived yesterday and I am grateful that my winter tires are on. Timing was on my side, this time.

Now, I look forward to shooting in monochrome, of capturing the starkness of dark on white, and the brightness of outerwear against ice. I can view the settled snow from my living room window, I can see the flakes dancing in the street lights. I see the sun trying it’s best to outshine the clouds and I cheer it on toward success. I see concrete tables and benches left un-assembled on the walkway to my work. Now they will lie there unused until Spring arrives, forming new sculptures as Winter progresses.

Griffith Park
I have removed my bright toe-nail polish as it looked sadly obscene when I pull on my socks. Have replaced my walking ball-cap with something wool. My fluffy throw on my comfy leather chair beckons me. Why didn’t I take the optional fireplace in my living space?

Regardless of bundling up in layers, the cool makes me think, makes me plan, draws me inward to nourish my soul and formulate a new beginning. Thank goodness for our changing seasons, now I can bake muffins and stir the soup pot, and make trays of my famous granola blend. Aah, and drink hot chocolate.

Let the snowdrifts accumulate, let the wind circulate, I have my tea, I have my book, I have my Winter.

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