Friday, November 23, 2012

In the wee hours of our Life

When I was raising children a few decades ago, a dad wouldn’t have woken with a vomiting child.

I entered the staff room today as two young dads were commiserating with a third. Dad number 1 was talking about the 1am event that had occurred at his house this morning. It involved a 2 year old vomiting everwhere, the washer and dryer running at that gawdawful hour and the 3 month old now thinking it was morning. Ah, those were the days! Their conversation then didn’t skip a beat as they went on to discuss how bright, hilarious and talented their children were.

Victoria, BC

I was so impressed at the openness and sharing of these young males, the stories they shared and how they shook their heads with the absurdity of it all. When I was a young mother, we did it all, especially and including the 1am shift. Times have changed, thankfully.

The imprint we want to leave in this world is left by our children's feet.

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