Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Ink on Me for Now

How does a person choose a tattoo to adorn their body? I am intrigued that someone would put something on permanently that they will wear everyday of their life. Perhaps it is, that I am not one who likes to display who I am to the world so openly or in some cases, so defiantly. A little surprise has always worked in my favour!

I won’t go down the road of the visual of the pretty flower on a shoulder at twenty, that will take on quite a different dimension as age happens. I don’t understand the ink put on a behind or some other more discreet location. Why such a personal statement where almost no one will see it? We change, and so we should. I no longer decorate my home in country or wear bright coloured stripes. I shudder to think of looking at that stage of my life everyday in the mirror when I am not that person anymore.

Granted, I have seen some beautiful pieces of art but even the Mona Lisa would be boring 24/7. I know there is a story behind each tattoo I’ve seen. I know that many are done as a tribute to someone special or to a life-changing incident. How does wearing that story every minute of your life shape you? Does it allow you to come to terms or keep you chained? I would like to understand more. Tell me about the story you painted on.

Your thoughts? What are your experiences with wearing your heart on your sleeve?

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