Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Album of the Unexpected

Sometimes you have to be really fast.

When you’re holding your camera, you don’t get to hesitate or you could miss it. Some of my greatest pleasures in 2012, were the Unexpected images captured on the road. The smiles, the “wows”, the just plain “that is so crazy great!” moments. We need to be aware, because pleasure is as fast as your shutter speed.

Come along for the ride:

Mexico in March – a flamenco group from Germany playing while we ate dinner

Sign in a glass blowing shop, small town in North Western states – what you can do when you're the boss.

Bloomsday Run, Spokane, WA. – participants discard their “warm-up” clothes for the needy

Fernie, BC – the best bagel breakfast…ever!

Band on the sidewalk, Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA.

Community garden on a side street, Victoria, BC

Chained Up Tree, Elbow Falls, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Look back on your year, whether you have photos of your journey or not. A calendar and a cup of Bengal Spice tea comes in very handy for this exercise!

What were your Unexpected moments? Look back and remember. Why does it stand out? Were you alone or who was with you?

Should you have done something differently? Should you have stayed for another cup of coffee, or talked to that interesting looking stranger?
Why was this moment special? What was it that touched you so much that you still remember it?

What do you wish you had captured on your camera? Was it the place, the person, the feeling?
How did this event change you? Did you have a moment of clarity about what is truly important to you?

Then, store these memories in the Album of your life. It is an important page of the whole You.

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