Friday, December 7, 2012

Balancing Patience in Half Moon

Sometimes we get a less than subtle lesson on what we need to work on for the day.
My day started with my log in password not being accepted. That can’t be, I only just changed it, when? 3 weeks ago, 1 month ago, 45 days ago? I don’t remember.
Finally resolved.

Then the article I wanted to read on Guess What? Answer: Patience (yes, the Universe can be very witty sometimes) wouldn’t link and sent me to an unacceptable advertisement for some product that I really didn’t want.   Very good article by the way, if you have the time to read it. (there’s a joke in that readers).
Finally resolved.

The staff room which is usually a hub of drop-ins who drink tea, big gulps, and frosties was surprisingly empty. Why then is the coffee that I got ready at 8am, all gone? Who drank it?
Deep breath, make some more.
Finally resolved.

And so my day continued. One delay after another. Finally resolved. Until I saw a pattern.
More deep breath.
Ahh, all this was the build up for the ultimate test. Medical tests for a family member, it will take ten or more days for results.
Okay, by then I got it. Back to breathing. Pray for Patience, Wait for Grace.

I needed my yoga class and chuckled as I left early for my class. Good execution of a plan. Work and choices have made me race my life away, recently I have rarely arrived at my yoga class with time to unwind before class begins. I have time today. I am stretching, I am bending, I am relaxing like I haven’t done before in weeks. It feels good.
Finally resolved. I get it. Stop with the last minute chores and get to class early, stop racing to relax. Allow the moment.

This is Half Moon, Yoga Journal; this is not me!

Maybe today I will master the Half Moon pose, or, maybe it will be another day. (Click to Tweet)                                                         
Our yoga instructor is caught in traffic. She will arrive to start the class…whenever she gets here.

Universe, thanks for a day full of lessons.

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