Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Speech of a Thousand Words

How many different ways can a person say something? Many, it seems. Am I the only one who is losing patience with the consistent drone of conversation? 

Silence can be difficult. We are accustomed to hearing voices everywhere, people on the cell phones in the grocery store, in the elevator, even walking down the street in the crosswalk. (Sometimes, these people you might notice, are invariably in the way either unconsciously or selfishly.) Are people that afraid of solitude, are they that afraid of being alone? 

I know that I am getting cranky.

I am not interested to hear, when you will be home, what you plan for dinner, what you want to do with/to your girlfriend, or the details of your last doctor’s appointment. Please, I want to say, "censure yourself sometimes".

Through this all, I realize that I am a relatively private person. As time has gone on, I understand better what to share and with whom. But sharing in private is my choice. 

Have a meaningful conversation, because it is your opportunity to share a few precious moments with someone who is a part of your life. Don’t give up this time to yell at them above the sound of oncoming traffic, the person you are “talking” to really doesn’t appreciate it. Give the gift of your undivided and full attention. Show them that they are important to you.

Here are just a few small suggestions so we can all have a quieter world:

  1. Your child will grow up, put down your phone. He will not always want to hold your hand and walk to the park on a spring day. 
  2. The other residents of your building, only want elevator talk, put down your phone. Be respectful. They really don’t care to know the minutiae of your day. Save that until you get home.
  3.  Your loved one wants your precious time, put down your phone. Don’t short change them of a limited commodity.
  4. Other shoppers, put down your phone. See #2 above! I don’t need to know what you are having for dinner.
Reminder to self: Oh-oh, I too am guilty of loading the dishwasher and tidying up while I am talking on the phone. I will do my best to stop doing this. Sorry.

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