Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is truth stranger than fiction?

Is truth stranger than fiction? Yes.
Is John Irving's The Fourth Hand stranger than truth? Yes!

If you are a John Irving fan, you will surely love this book. Only Irving (I am too much of a fan to call him, John) could come up with this crazier than life story and characters that defy any form of predictability. Irving must indeed have seriously demented dreams to come up with his words.

How the almost cliche, unlikeable main character can evolve in a span of a few hundred pages is beyond magical. How so many people whom you know personally in real life could also be known by Irving and make their way into his book is indeed mysterious!

The Fourth Hand, speaks to our habits; about habits that are well ingrained, about breaking habits and creating new ones. It talks about reinventing yourself.

If you are not yet an Irving fan, pick up this book. If you read everything, you can get your hands on, that is written by Irving, pick up this book. In either case, you won't be disappointed.


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