Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finding a Brand New Me

It took about one nanosecond to get used to stepping off the plane into a green world of budding trees and flower displays on the sidewalk!

Smelling the salt in the air was a definite treat when you come from a city that is framed by mountains on one side and prairie on the other. It is March, in our heads, not sitting-outside-weather yet but how quickly we could forget our hats and gloves.

We watched an elderly man unpack his tin-foiled wrapped lunch, spoon his soup from his thermos and sit on a park bench to feed the gulls and other assorted birds.  How envious we were of the locals who thought nothing of running/walking/strolling in their shorts. The climate in Vancouver rocks!

We also got to see Alicia Keys, who performed her Brand New Me at Rogers Arena.

We were able to leave our winter selves behind, if just for a weekend and discover our warm weather selves.

Finding a Brand New Me however, is not as easily done. It takes hard work, commitment and belief. Pat yourself on the back and recognize what you have accomplished if you have discovered a New You.

Changing is not for the faint of heart, because Finding Yourself is not something you stumble across, it is a journey of deliberate intent.

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