Monday, March 18, 2013

Finding Love in unusual places

If you are in a committed relationship, it is inevitable that someone at some point someone will ask you “how did you meet?” Of course, there is no simple answer to this very complicated question.

If you carried a “list” either on paper or in your head. You invariably checked off items as you blind-dated, 7-minute dated, or “smiled” on numerous internet dating sites. You kept an eye out for him as you did your groceries (does he eat vegetables?), walked outdoors (can he keep up with you?), or popped in to a bookstore (oh please let him be a reader!).

But if you were fortunate like me, you crossed paths, perhaps when you weren’t really watching for it. When you both know yourself and know what you were looking for, the Universe has no choice but to respond!

And then as each moment passed, you realized that you had found a “keeper”. Our true match should come with total surprise and ease. What I need in a relationship might not be what you need and hence you have to be patient.

And then one day there was the unexpected gift of organic chocolate bars while on a business trip.

And never, never being late to pick me up.
Of listening to my long, rambling stories, and remembering my friends’ names.
Opening car doors and giving me his arm on the icy parking lot.
And with each of these, he stole a little piece of my heart.
But the clincher was in what he didn’t do; how he used his time and energy in ways that fit with how I had chosen to live my life.

For me, some of the magic words were, “No, I don’t golf; never could understand the point of endlessly chasing a ball”. Don’t get me wrong, I have golfed, once. I wore shorts and matching top with a jaunty hat, I looked fantastic but my aim was terrible and I ended up giggling for 9 holes. So for me, a golfer would not do. When my special someone said that zigzagging for several hours searching for an errant ball was not his cup of tea, I was hooked (that is golf talk).

We’ve done a lot of new things together since, but not once have we golfed!

 Happy Anniversary Sweetie. Thank goodness for running and yoga, and the forces that brought us together.

Thank your special someone today for loving you! At which moment in time did you fall unequivocally in Love?

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