Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We do it because we Can

It was a sad day for many of us. I have never been to Boston, never seen the historic sites or the coveted halls of learning. I have however partaken in a race. I have not run, but I have walked, quickly with as much speed as is my default. I know the adrenalin, the exhilaration of completing after hours of training.

Last weekend, we were hit with yet another laugh from Mother Nature. We think it is (almost) Spring and then She tells us it is not. A long walk/run was scheduled. Some of us did our kilometres in tandem and eventually alone as each one reached his/her limit. Some (including my special G.) finished their 32km Sunday morning run.

And this is what the person who set the bombs in Boston, does not know. We don't give up easily, we are in for the long haul, we are warriors. We fight to be and stay healthy, we know that we are accountable to our fellow walkers/runners, and most importantly we do it for ourselves. Walking/running make us happy! It is a part of who we are, a part that we have strived to attain through battles on and off the pathways.

Some of the participants in the Boston Marathon will no doubt take a break. One runner from my home town who crossed the border to run, said that he would step back for a little while to process but that he would don his runners and lace up again...soon. We all need time to process the irrational behaviour that we encounter. Many of us do this while we are pounding the pavement.

Why do we get up in the dark hours of a weekend? Because we treasure this time, alone or in the company of our crew. We look forward to the opportunity to release our jobs, our laptops, our titles and our worries and to catch up with people whom we have grown fond of.

We might need to grieve the loss and suffering of our fellow runners but we will be at the next race. As Doc M. on our team said so simply and yet so profoundly "We shall run for those who can't."

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