Monday, April 1, 2013

What's your Weight? (in a good way)

On the eve of a 4 day long weekend, three friends and I got together over some fantastic food and a bottle of wine. You have to appreciate having a friend who loves to entertain and insists that get-togethers be held at her place. Thank you S., you are a marvel. I highly recommend having someone like this in your circle if peeling and boiling are not in your repertoire!

Conversation inevitably circled into our individual dreams for the future, including how we would spend our immediate four days off. One was headed to the mountains, to see how much snow was left behind by winter. The rest of us were staying put, renewing (I believe the word used was "pedicure", retrieving (darn, it's almost tax time and researching (for a new project).

outside an art gallery, Spokane WA

All in all, we each get to choose what we want to do with our free time. The day will come, sooner for some of us than others, when the day will lie "work-free". We will not have a reason to fill up 35 or 40 or more hours each week. Perhaps over this last long weekend, we have been given a pause to think about what we will do when we do have that time (and what we need to do to get there).

What will weigh you down and keep you grounded to Be the Real You?

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