Saturday, May 11, 2013

Running for Time

Spokane, May 5

There are days when all of us feel like we are running out of time. Time to be a truly good at something important to us. We may want to be a great creative artist, photographer, walker or runner, business man or cook. I've talked to those who regret taking a different path than what made their hearts sing.

Is it ever too late? Is there not always something within our grasp that makes us feel super, fantastic and happy to be alive? Should we ever stop? Are we ever to old?

My answer is NO, and I will tell you why by the end of this post.

We gathered from many regions and countries. Some of us had trained in winter and the heat was welcome but presented a different challenge. I know that I sure needed the first water station at 2.7 miles. That little niggling feeling that I hadn't prepared enough scurried around my brain now and then. But when you are surrounded by motivated folks who are determined to have a great time, you are swept along.

Doomsday Hill

When the final race results came in, I was quite pleased with my numbers. I had done it alone and I had done it faster than I had hoped. Far more encouraging than that was that there were at least six age categories older than me! I still had time to be really, really good at something that I enjoy.

I give applause to all the participants but especially to the three most senior age categories. This past week, I've thought about the 49, 80-84 year olds; the 20, 85-89 year olds; and the 4 over 90s who participated. What kind of dedication do you think these people possess? Do you think that they feel they are too old to try?

I would love to meet Vincent. He was the final over 90 who finished in 3:07:33, coming in hours after the first person. However, he finished, he won.

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