Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pick your Hero Wisely

We have all witnessed the fallen hero. The athletic star with feet of clay, the financial wizard with two sets of books, the political figure and his “urges” have become media sensations overnight. Should we be surprised, should they be held to ridicule and stir our disappointment? Why is it even a surprise? 

We are all human. Some learn to hide well their inadequacies, and then learn to lie well to maintain this mask. Once we believe, we the public are hooked. It can be difficult to give up the illusion we have created, that this person is…well, not perfect. (How dare they betray us?)

But if we look into our own lives, and its many incarnations right in this lifetime, from youngster to teenager, to young wife and mother and all the years since, what do you see? We have been many people before we became the Person you are today. Only very few of us can be held up to the scrutiny that we bestow so easily on others.

Live your Life generously and without abandon, but know that who you are really are inside at the end of the day is known only by You. Only we know when we stepped beyond circumstances and acted honourably without any shining spotlight and when we were mistaken and mis-stepped. We will all reap what we sow just like what our mothers always told us.

So if you are picking a Hero, don’t look far. Just pick YOU.

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