Saturday, August 3, 2013

No longer creating on the 8th Floor

Now it’s unpacking time.

No more shredding, and sorting, piling and discarding.
No more rolling cart and waiting for the elevator.
Now, we are walking between boxes and dodging each other
in our efforts to get things put away.

Where will all these things go?
They fit so comfortably in my old space
Behind hidden closets and buried in drawers.

No more screeching of packing tape
and looking for the scissors
Just boxes to discard
and things to donate that will go
to someone perhaps starting from where I have left.

Someone starting new
With a fresh outlook and shiny floors
Clean appliances and dust-free overhead fixtures.
Walls that have been ‘magic-erased” removing all
Evidence of the previous owner (me).

I am happy for this person.

I am ecstatic for me.
My life has been rearranged into a new creation.

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