Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cloaked Reality

I sat in a meeting today with 4 people and it quickly became apparent that we each heard a different thing. We sat down with our own perspective, our own history and hence heard different things. One took it personally, one went on the attack, one agreed with everything, one agreed with nothing  and then there was me. I am quite confident that each of them had their personal appraisal of me as well! I found it difficult to watch, because having spent my life as an introvert, observing and intuiting is how I process what I experience. Add to that, I believe in empowering, even those who are reluctant, maybe especially those who are new to recognizing their own worth.

The meeting adjourned but as to be expected, reconvened in smaller pods of alliance. To those who could commiserate about the “way we are treated”, there will always be support. There are many who cannot or will not look at their part in their circumstance. We all know them and they have yet to recognize that they are the common denominator in their life experiences. Poor me and victim can be a comfortable fitting well-worn cloak.

How do the rest of us live in a world that caters to complainers? We know that it is exhausting to consistently listen to excuses and pleas for reassurance, because no number of degrees or amount of education can compensate for low self-worth.

When I am feeling most frustrated with those around me, I have to remind myself that we are all doing our best to heal our childhood wounds. I am working on this less desirable part of myself! We need to remember that if you are constantly looking behind you to see who is after you, you are not looking forward to your future.
So my question for you today is: When you actually sit and ponder which cloak you gravitate towards,  is it worthy of a update?

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