Saturday, September 28, 2013

Enjoy the life you’re given!

I met a woman the other day whom I had not seen in some time. What immediately struck me about her, was her “spark”. It is the same spark that drew me to her when we had first met. She’s a woman a few years older than myself, who is lively and energetic and whose infectious enthusiasm is welcome into your life.

As we walked and talked, I was reminded of our earlier conversations, also along the same paths we were now walking. She is not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination (public service employees do not garner an over-abundant pension as you might know). However, she is healthy and fit and has embraced her retirement years and filled it with activities and people she enjoys.

We rounded a corner and viewed the sailboats catching the breeze to our right. She stopped and drank in the view.

She shared about a grandchild’s continuing health issues and the effect on their family and still she continued to smile. I don’t know her well, but I know that she loves the life she was given.

She talked about slowly enjoying her coffee, slowly reading the newspaper each morning while catching up with the local news shows. We both remarked how one of the regular Breakfast correspondents had lost weight and looked pretty darn good! Such was our free-flowing conversation around the reservoir. I hadn’t seen this woman in close to a year, but I was re-charged by her positive energy and I certainly hope that she will be there next week.

Listen to the Avett Brothers for a few minutes, and smile when you think about the Abundance in your life. 

Enjoy the life you're given!

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