Sunday, September 15, 2013

One more race, one more record, two more medals

What possesses us to accomplish more? What drives us to “do one more thing” before the end of the day? Seeing the results of our hard work is always gratifying, although not too many of us want to give up our sleeping-in Sunday to put on a pair of running shoes or to hit the books or fill in the blank with your goal.

We do it because We Believe! We have faith that our dedication will pay off and that eventually we will succeed. My last race in the sweltering heat of Disneyland (over 100 °C) was a smiling event! It is one kind of feeling to see the elite runners gracefully float through the finish line and to celebrate with them. 

But once again the memories that stay with me are not of the natural born athlete but of the lone walker/runner determined and often struggling to finish in spite of the heat, illness, injury or deformity.

To me, they are the true winners of the event. Personal Best has a variety of meanings and reasons, many of which we cannot see at first glance.
In a place of make believe, it was not the Fairy Dust,
it was just plain hard discipline that created their Magic.

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