Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coffee as a Verb

Coffee-ing across the year

You’ve no doubt by now heard of “Elephant Coffee”, the delectable coffee created after an elephant has eaten the coffee beans. Read more here.

My tastes have definitely expanded but I’m not quite that brave.

For some strange reason, maybe it’s the company you share when you’re having that special, delicious cup but my coffee memories run deep. There are special moments that stare back at you as time goes by. If they include the aroma, the time shared, and that special feeling of a true love, then your life is as blessed as mine.

Here are a handful of recommendations that you might like to try. Suggestions always gratefully accepted!

Moguls, Whistler BC
Lilooet, BC
Big Bang Bagels, Fernie, BC

James Bay Coffee Company, Victoria

Brews Bros, Spokane WA
Canmore, AB.

Caffe Artigiano, Calgary

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