Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No walls, no desk, no space to call your own

Here’s another form of non-attachment. 

Suppose your office/work space where you went to every day was “untethered”. See this LA Times article. Here is a functional experiment on the open wall concept. If you had no space to call your own, no walls to hang your accomplishments and no furniture to prop your favourite things, how would you fare?

Would you still seek out a quiet spot to close your virtual door? Would you hunt down someone you can collaborate/chat/gossip with? Would you choose a different spot every day or cozy on down into the same comfy chair, latte at your side?

I’ve consistently read (and adhere to) that you should have a designated space for a specific activity. My work space at home and at the place I get paid are my personal, unique haven. People enter and often say “ah, this is You!”. I have set each up to hold some favourite/most used things within hand’s reach or I can gaze upward to a treasured photo. I have compartmentalized my life to give me comfort, because this is what I need. What about you? Are these things important to you or do you perform better without constraints/reminders or accolades?

It’s good we’re all different. Having an “untethered” office space is not what I’d choose to be in. After reading this article, what I do know is that I am attached to my important things.

What about you?

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