Monday, December 23, 2013

Solutions to Go

Most of us will give in to the temptation of sliding into the holidays and the new year. When we do this, we  dismiss the opportunity to fit in “just one more thing” that could (and will!) have an impact on starting the new year with gusto.

An old friend of mine once told me that before he closed off his desk each day, he made up his “to do list for the next day”. Since then, I have used this technique to jump start my “next day”. Once I have made my list, I find that I have cleared it from my mind. I can close my office door and leave it behind, it is not circulating in my brain during the evening and special time with loved ones.

Having a few things on that list, knowing that it is ready to go, gives me the energy to return to my desk with a plan. I have my start up tasks already in motion. I am invigorated to face my morning, in spite of a possible lack of coffee or a grueling drive in to the city. I have a reason to wake up and things to accomplish, and that feels good!

How would our new year start if we adopt this idea to end off the last few days of 2013? What do you envision for yourself and plan to accomplish in the next year? Let the magic of sending your goal out

to the Universe allow you to sit back, relax, reflect and recharge during the holidays. Your 2014 list will take on a life of its own, you will see solutions pop in and out of your mind while you are reaching for shortbread or gazing at your tree lights. It will circulate, fly, bump into great ideas and be ready to tackle in January, when you are ready.

Happy Holidays to all, however you celebrate the season. Get excited about turning the page of the calendar. Let 2014 be the year when you recognize your talents and shine.
Be good to yourself and always know that there is only one You! Find yourself, Find your Bliss.

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