Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's your view?

After two glorious weeks of holidays, I'm ready to head back to reality. Tomorrow, I head back to work like many of you.

Some months back, a sofa appeared in our parking lot. Yes, a little out of place and providing me with a chuckle each morning. Was it left behind by an exhausted thief, by some out of control party goers or perhaps by an irate wife? Each day as I pull into the parking lot, I wonder if it will still be there.

I tuck my car beside it each morning, because it just seems right! After all this time, it feels like it belongs and it would be so wrong if it suddenly disappeared. 

How do you view your "sofa"? Does the totally unexpected, the uncalled for or the just plain crazy things that happen, make you perform like a rock star or just part of a circus?

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