Saturday, February 8, 2014

Frame your Life – Living your Bliss with Art

In conversation with the owner, David Jones told me of the steps and stages he has been through to get to the event I was attending this week. David has expertise and years of experience in different facets of the framing business.

As the years went on, he sifted through his experiences and realized what truly made him happy. His various decisions caused him to abandon earlier plans to follow his Bliss. His commitment has manifested into the recent addition of an art gallery Midtowne Art Gallery, in the front of his store.

If David had not given himself permission to follow his passion, I would not have had the opportunity to view the works of artists David Cheney and Frances Vettergreen.

David Cheney

Frances Vettergreen

Both David C. and Frances hold down day time jobs. However, the spirited talk and sharing of their talents, tells me that they too are living their Bliss. Creating works of Arizona cacti and Canadian Skyscapes is no doubt the fuel that keeps these two artists going.

It’s not always easy to find a way, it takes determination, support, energy and time. But these artists have taken up the challenge. The joy that David and Frances have in their pieces need to be recognized. Please support them and everyone you know, who has the courage to give the world the best part of themselves. I know that we will all benefit.

What we put inside the Frame of our Life is up to us.

Find Yourself, Find your Bliss.


If you are an artist and would like further  information on the standards of submission, contact Derek (a man of Bliss himself!).


This exhibition can be viewed at Midtowne Art Gallery until March 1.

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