Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Your list of Nine

A young teacher I know gave this assignment to her grade 2 students. Name nine things that make you happy.

How difficult would we as adults find this task? How easily can we identify what brings a smile to our face and makes us giggle? My friend’s youngsters had their list finished in moments flat, some even scrawled a #10 and #11. Their lists included wearing my pink sweater, lying on my back on the grass and making up things when I see the clouds, to just plain (excuse me here) farting.

Why do we abandon our lists during the task of becoming grown up? Why have we forgotten so easily?

How would you fill in your list? There is no test here. Just close your eyes and picture the things that make you drop your shoulders and sigh with pleasure. How will you fit in some of these things within your daily practise of riding the train, picking up kids from school, and doing the day to day chores?

What is your quotient of happiness each day? Make your list of nine right now and find out. Then instill each one into your life when you need a good giggle.

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