Sunday, June 22, 2014

My life changed the day I…..

Recently reading Apple magazine, with an article highlighting Sheldon Kennedy , I stopped to think of all the pathways and crossroads we face during our lifetime. Some are major intersections that come immediately to mind, some curve with scary cambers that could topple us and some are meanderings that seem to take forever and that still lead us somewhere.

My life changed the day I acknowledged…fill in the blank. Go for it! Name 5, dig deep, make them real.

Now what comes to mind when you look at these 5 things? Were they all positive (or did they seem negative at the time) ?
Did they involve someone else (who pushed your button or gave you an a-ha moment/made their own life changing decision/arrived or left or disrupted your life)?
Did the curious rumblings of a change hit you one day like a much anticipated lightening strike?

We are motivated by hurricanes but also by traffic jams. What decision did you make …..
What did you learn from these 5 changes? Strength, courage, humour, discipline, patience?

As Sheldon so simply said “It wasn’t until I accepted the fact that I needed to do my part in helping myself, before I could start moving on.”.

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