Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Yardstick of your Life

Life is fast. It happens so quickly that there are weeks and months when you look back which are just a blur. How could I possibly have children in their thirties. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was their age?

How did it come to pass that I am at an age when my parents were “old”? Thank goodness we are now of a generation who are relatively active, fit and still have goals and plans. I believe that this is what keeps us youthful. We are a cohort who will go down fighting with our carry-on luggage jammed with running shoes, comfy socks and fuel belts. The days I hung out on the sofa with a good book and a beverage by my side in my twenties and thirties are just a vague memory now. These days we are so busy that both PVR’s are sitting at 85% full.

I’ve never been one to waste time (please note: sitting and reading does NOT come into that category of wasting time!). But as the years go by, what fills our time must change if we are to grow. Do you remember the days of having a child or two or three all down with Chicken Pox? The days spent with an unwell child seemed to last forever. However, look back now. Those days were just a tiny blip on the radar of our lives. Those times hardly register in your memory as time goes on.

Look at the whole yardstick of your days, at times you inched forward and other times you galloped. Each fraction moved you forward to your current spot, they all became You.

 Every moment, every choice is precious, not good nor bad, just a little inch forward. Enjoy the chaotic times, you will be given the stamina and courage to deal with it. Relish the quiet times, they are a gift to allow you to make plans, learn, research and reach out for your next adventure. We need to let go, and trust that all things will work out in the end. We need to have faith that we will be given the strength to make it through the tough times, and wings to soar when we have a new creative idea.

Take a look at the yardstick of your Life thus far. What choices will you make today to set yourself up for a happy finish line?

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