Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Through a Photographer's Eyes - Living Your Bliss with Josie Chu Photography

Josie Chu is a photographer, she’s not entirely sure what she would do if she was not, but certainly something in the creative vein would call her. Perhaps paint or clay or textiles would keep her hands busy.

We all have something to learn from this, how conscious are any of us of those fleeting moments that become the album of our life? In Josie's world she is collecting the moment for someone else to treasure for always. I believe that when you are witness to so many significant experiences in others' lives, you are more wealthy because of it. Josie, because of her passion for photography, must truly be living in abundance.

She remembers saving up for her first camera when she was in grade 5. And like a true artist, she says that it was bright blue and to this day, she continues to see life through pictures. Her goal is to capture the moments that convey some emotion and that evoke a response when you view them. 

Josie is always conscious for those moments because she knows they cannot be duplicated. As we know, it takes just an instant to see true depth of character and soul.


As she and our fellow artists live their passion they are teaching us. They are sharing their skill to teach us to see our world as a beautiful place. They are saying to us, "Hey stop and look at this, this is important". Because as Josie has said The Earth without "art" is just "eh".

Take a class or workshop with Josie, learn some technical skills about your camera and as an added bonus, I guarantee that you will learn something about Life. 

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