Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day

Canada Day brings back my first memory of being a landed Canadian. On the eve of my sixth birthday, my parents and I landed in Halifax, and I set my little foot on Canadian soil.

The houses were perched on a hill, and painted in red, yellow and blue. They looked like doll houses hanging on to the edge of the cliff and from that moment I knew that this adventure was bound to be fun.

So many decades later and that image never ceases to hold firm each time I hear O Canada sung. I am a little girl, standing on the deck of a ship which has taken 19 days to cross an ocean. Whether I am standing at a Flames game, in a crowded school gymnasium, or in an airport, the Canadian flag and hearing O Canada can make me cry.

I am thankful. I am fortunate, I am blessed, and the adventure continues.

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