Saturday, July 19, 2014

Walking the Labyrinth

Knox United, Calgary

She stepped in beside me.
I’m a liar, she said.
I didn’t know.
Yes, I am. I haven’t really been to Europe, I haven’t been off the continent of the Americas.
You seemed to know a lot about it though.
I watch a lot of TV.
I haven’t really paid off my house either. A Line of Credit is easy to get, you know.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I can’t bear it anymore. My life is not my own. I’m a mess. I’m tired of pretending for so long.
Stories can be that way. They take on chapters of their own. And the day comes when we just can’t remember what’s what and what’s not, where the story started and if it has an end.
If I start telling the truth, she said, do you think people will still like me?

I don’t know. Perhaps, you will give them a chance to come clean too. Then you can discover your Truth together.


  1. There comes a time that I created my own labyrinth and I am using it anywhere I go.

    1. ...and I hope it brings you all that you need.