Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Franti tattoo and that last kilometre

Michael Franti, frontman for Spearhead has a tattoo on his left arm, Today I pray for followed by a line.

If we carried those words around on our own body, what would you fill in? Who do you think about everyday, who do you hold close to your heart or who do you need to release? Who has taught you a powerful lesson that you hold dear and who are you ready to set free?


There's a wonderful hint that has helped many a weary walker/runner as they make their way to the Finish Line. Give each kilometre, the name of someone. Think about this person, of what they have given you or what they have taken away, enjoy the memory or leave it behind.

Dedicate each step to realizing this person's impact on You. Let it well up in side you, let it snake through and rattle you to your toes. You might shed a tear, howl in laughter or just shake your head. The time will pass, as it surely does, and you will get past that feeling, whatever it might be.

Because as we walk through Life, we are reminded that we are always walking towards and away from. You don't need to carry any extra weight.

It is what it is.

In Life, we are always walking towards and away from. (Click to Tweet)

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