Sunday, November 9, 2014

Digging In

What makes your back go up, makes you dig in your heels, makes you formidable? 

What tragedy, moral dilemma, what unfair bad behaviour makes you cringe and become a warrior? 

Give these nudges some thought, you will see a pattern that will speak to your inner fibre. You might remember standing up to the class bully in third grade, or working on your baseball swing in the light of the moon. You might remember keeping your cool when your Home-Ec teacher said ‘you didn’t do that” while gazing at your perfectly hemmed dress. 

What sticks out in your mind? You might not have made a conscious choice in that moment but somewhere along the way, what we witnessed and how we responded became a part of our repertoire.

When our adult problems hit us sideways, we will, by default behave the same way we have done through all our disruptions. We will get angry(and blame someone), we will cry with frustration, we will be quiet and withdraw, or we will process and behave appropriately. 

Which one is your default and do you want to change?