Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give me an A, give me a B, give me a C (then leave me alone)

Tasks, that is. Tasks of varying importance and urgency. Give them to me, and let’s screen them now.

A’s are for my most urgent. For example you can’t get on a plane without your passport. So start looking for where you kept it safe, before the day of your trip (knowing that it’s somewhere in the house is just not good enough!).

B’s are for my get to quickly, before they jump into the A list. Gather with presence of mind, all the bits and pieces that you will need to start your project (famous cookie recipe, pattern for quilt, research for a piece you’re writing, nuts and bolts for building a deck)

C’s are for the things that can wait, they don’t have a definite timeline, but they’re probably things you might like to get to. Hole-punching my paperwork and setting a pile to be shred make me feel so virtuous. So does alphabetizing my CDs, having only one page of emails, and catching up on my recordings of a favourite TV show. Oh come on, we all have our quirky side.

Now you might ask, what about the D through Zs? Well, I believe that Life is way too short to get carried away, A B and C can usually keep us running busy. Save D for downtime, E for entertainment, F for fun…

When your A B and Cs are done, which letter do you head to?

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