Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Year of Writing

Grab the beverage of your choice and relax with my seven top posts of 2014.

Golden Visit
In a new city, you notice more. Maybe your senses are on high alert, taking in, filtering out what is most essential for your experience.
They were a tall family of red heads. Not strawberry blondes, not gingers, not auburn headed, but a vibrant orange haired family. read more..

Success as an Escalator
I was speaking with a young man today who wanted to tell me his story. He said that if I had 15 minutes, he would bring me to tears. I had had a previous interaction with this fellow and was bewildered and dismayed at his youthful arrogance. read more.. 

My life changed the day I..
Recently reading Apple magazine, with an article highlighting Sheldon Kennedy , I stopped to think of all the pathways and crossroads we face during our lifetime. read more..

Dance wherever you are in Line
Life’s a dance. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. 
Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know. 
Life’s a dance you learn as you goread more..

Let the Photo Come to You
Let the photo come to you. This is the message that I have consistently heard from my photography instructors.
I better understood what this means while on a recent trip sitting in Union Square in San Francisco.
read more..

Frame your Life - Living Your Bliss with Art
In conversation with the owner, David Jones told me of the steps and stages he has been through to get to the event I was attending this week. David has expertise and years of experience in different facets of the framing business. read more..

Standing on one Leg
Breathe deep. Dream Big. Balance. read more..

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