Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flying Fresh

When a great adventure is offered, you don't refuse it. 
Amelia Earhart

As this new year begins, we don't always know how our next adventure will unfold. We might dream, we anticipate, we might plan. But the Universe has a way of teaching us, leading us and guiding us to what we need to do first. Our paths are not usually directly to our goal, we have been known to wander through routes, not of our choosing and still find our way. We are determined and relentless, because if we want something with unwavering commitment, we will get there.

Our destination might not look like what we had envisioned, it will be better! Because the side streets that we have navigated along our way, will have widened our experience, broadened our understanding and taught us more about ourselves, if we have allowed it.

Whatever your goal is for this fresh year, a fitness program, a volunteer offering, a learning of a new art, a leaving behind of something that does not serve you any longer, commit and let's do this together.

Let the adventure of the new year begin, let it make you strong and courageous, let it make you a gentle warrior. Someone, who as each day passes, you will like and respect.

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