Friday, January 16, 2015

Just a Friday Drive to start a Weekend

It has been a brutal week of driving, after winter descended on us here at home. Children are back at school, buses are late and traffic flow is slow and steady. If you live in a climate that experiences winter snowfall, you’ll know how many of the population seem to forget how to drive in winter conditions over the warmer months!

As I was driving down a long, straight stretch today, I noticed a white truck steadfastly making its way along. The roads are almost dry now, clear of snow, with only the occasional icy patch. It’s been a long week and now it’s Friday, and people are tired and less patient. This driver kept to his pace, a dirty black even bigger truck sped up and swerved in front of him; a somewhat clean red BMW came to within inches of his back bumper before honking loudly and cutting in front too.

White truck driver, continued to keep to his pace. Just so you know, he was not annoying slow, he was keeping within range of normal and was in no way causing a traffic problem. He was just not to be rushed, he knew what he was doing. And (although I should have been concentrating on my driving more closely) I wondered about this driver.

Was he cautious in all things in his life, had he just pulled an overnight shift at a hospital or was he on his way to an assignment? Was he someone who had learned that some things cannot be rushed? Was he a yoga practitioner, ignoring the distraction and noise around him?

Was he in love and listening to this song?

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