Sunday, January 8, 2017

Simplify - My Word for the Year

I love the word – Simplify. It has a gentleness about it that makes me think of quiet sunshine and ease of being. It makes me smile. It makes me feel like I have a secret power. I can say NO to excess.

My choice of word came about me gradually over the last several months. Perhaps, all the reading I have done from Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to following Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist helped gravitate me to this decision. But I believe that to Simplify our stuff, we need to Simplify our selves.

I believe that last year’s word Slow, instigated a natural flow and progression into Simplify. We have all heard the merits of simplifying our lives by this point, in a nutshell - less stuff, more money/time/energy to spend on the more important parts of our (often times) neglected selves.

This year will be about relinquishing and paying forward with materials (who needs all those extra flower pots?) and also about letting go of unnecessary feelings, habits, and… wait for it… people. Leading a Slow life last year, certainly made me appreciate each moment more, and to realize how in one instant of paying attention, our thinking can be changed. Listening was a big part of my Slow year.

Simplify - My Word for the Year
This year I look forward to embodying Simplify. 

Here are five ways I will Simplify this year, feel free to borrow any and try them on for size yourself. (As I learn, I will share so you might like to check back here about half way through the year.)

Gift giving. Spread the love I say. There is not much in terms of material comfort that many of us need. Please don't add to my load (unless I can eat it or drink it!). If you were to decide to give me a gift this year, I will ask you for your time. Let's just hang out, go for dinner, go to a movie, grab our cameras and running shoes and head to our so-close-we-are-so-lucky provincial park. Give me the gift of sharing some special moments.

Put something in the donation box or pass on to a friend. I noticed yesterday that we have just a few too many kitchen utensils. Anyone need a pizza cutter? Pay it forward, I know someone out there needs this pizza cutter and it is now packed into my Thrift Store donation bag which sits ready for stray not used items. It's just one thing today I know, but imagine 365 things emptied out of my home this year! Exhilarating!

The past is done. He or she meant what they said or did to you, don't pick up the phone, don't text. Release them to find someone who deserves them as a lover or a friend. Be the bigger person, it will feel great I promise. The Universe gave us a lesson, let's say thanks and move on.

Habits. Some things worked for me this past year, and some things didn't. I'm guessing that you are the same. Stop, remember, listen. I bought a plain black daytimer for this new year, it is marked into 15 minute increments. I have been known to forget that driving times can vary, I think that this little change will add some pleasure in arriving in a relaxed state to my yoga class. Keeping it simple and mindful, not trying to squeeze in one more thing should make each day a lot more enjoyable.

People we've outgrown (or have outgrown us). Oh, I know, this is a hard one. Start easy, I'll be choosing more carefully which grocery line I stand in, or which line at the bank. Some people make us feel wonderful by their cheerfulness and open heart. Others are struggling with their own learning. It is okay to recognize this and place some distance when needed. We don't need to feel bad because it makes someone else feel good. 
..and also, give good cheer to those whose path divert from us. Those who continue their      education, take leaps in their career, move away for better prospects. Wish them well, they have their  own journey to follow.

Let's be nice, our paths may cross again.



  1. Thank you for sharing this very thoughtful post. "Simplify" is such a worthwhile goal for the year - wishing you all the very best in 2017!

    1. Thanks Laurel, I look forward to seeing how Simplify will "enter" my life!

  2. The word 'Simplify' speaks to me! I can so relate to the thoughts behind it all. Wishing you enjoy the process of simplifying things in your life. Very inspiring as I plan to work on my goals. The word for me is 'living fully'.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write Esha. The new year is such an obvious yet extraordinary time to create some new magic!