Monday, February 27, 2017

Should I be Productive or Could I just Play?

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I’ve given up trying to fit everything in, but somehow I do. 

I am not a lounger or a lay-on-the-sofa gal. I can squeeze in dusting (my most hated task) the bedroom in the few minutes it takes for the oatmeal to cook in the morning. I am consistently using my daytimer and can see that every spare moment has a line through it. 

It is me. Although if you knew me, and saw me function, you might feel that I am the most calm, relaxed person you know.

And guess what, I believe I am. I like to fill the spaces and that makes me feel good. I’ve decided that there is no need to apologize because it makes me, Me. It gives me comfort to know that the to-do’s are done. They are checked off. And this makes me happy!


the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, 
create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services

Could I play more, should I play more? Yes I’m learning slowly, and let’s not forget that this is what I often tell you to do! And yet…

One step at a time I am setting a new pattern to play a little more, I am Simplifying the tasks on my list to have more play time.

  • When I meet my friend T. for a walk next week, I’ll have a chance to giggle with an old friend and still get my kilometres checked off my training schedule. 
  • When I drop off my bag of donations to the Value Village store, I’ll sneak in a quick browse in the book section or through the hanging jewelry in hopes it will get the creative juices flowing for my next project. 
  • I skipped my yoga class last Saturday (and only felt slight guilt) because it allowed me to stay home in the morning and cook and clean. I knew that the value of being relaxed for our friends to visit that evening would be good for my soul (and better for them too!).

Do you feel guilty when you Play instead of doing a Should? How do you deal with it? Please share your tips here or email to me if you’re feeling shy. See the About Me section to contact me.  

This Fast Company article tells us that taking a break will ease our boredom, allow us to retain more and help us reevaluate where we're heading. Wouldn't this add so much to our lives?

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