Saturday, April 29, 2017

Living in Hope

Each day we need to choose consciously who gets the privilege of knowing us! We get to question who would we like to have in our lives, and who is best served by someone else.

Sometimes magically, we come across someone who ‘gets” us. Someone who doesn’t only say that they are into well-being, the creative arts or learning to play tennis, but actually shows us these parts of themselves in a sustained way. You can tell by the way they move through life that they have something to teach us.

Have you seen the writing walls cropping up where people can share their thoughts. You might have one in your workplace or I’ve heard of them in shopping malls and at street intersections. It allows someone to dig deep and do something meaningful. It gives the opportunity to lighten someone’s day, share a chuckle, spend your wisdom.
Living in Hope

Mixed in with the wisdom, you will see bits of pleading and anger too. Many struggling for a voice to unburden but not quite sure how to reach out with an open hand to receive. How difficult it must be to have so little hope and not know how to claim it. (Just perhaps this is where you step in.)

Among the drawings, the excellent chocolate chip recipe, the jokes and the I love you’s, I am sharing the words I read, here with you.

We sit in faith on this floating orb we call earth. Suspended among a zillion twinkling stars. 

We carry on each day believing that our world will not crash or explode and yet with so little hope for ourselves. Giving no benefit to our neighbour that they too will choose to do the right thing.

Why is that do you think?

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