Friday, April 7, 2017

Trying out these Hacks from Captivate

Once in a while a book comes along, that you wish you’d had in your growing years. Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards of the Science of People is such a book! 

Navigating through life can be a messy series of not knowing how to show up in public. It can be a thin line between being authentic and behaving in a way to garner more impression and attention. Add being an introvert like some of us to the mix and well, you can picture the quandary, can’t you?

In Captivate, you will recognize and learn easily adoptable practices that give you an advantage in a variety of social settings. I wish I’d read this book back when I was experiencing Asking Questions Made Me Enjoy Social Settings, I would have felt better prepared for meeting people around the buffet table. (You've got to read the book to get this joke!)

Captivate gives you a comprehensive list of tools to feel more comfortable in a variety of social settings. Hacks to understanding people and performing in a positive light; each with a consistent reminder to remain authentic. I believe it was this ideation that confirmed my delight with this book. As I've said before, there is only one You!

I'd say this is a must have for your bookshelf to refer to over and again. A valuable addition to someone’s collection in pursuing self-growth and an entertaining read for everyone. You will not be disappointed.

As a writer, I know that the next time I am writing a short story (or perhaps someday a book) I will be able to refer to Vanessa Van Edwards words in Captivate and know that I’ve better grasped the essence of being human in my characters.

Vanessa Van Edwards

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